Our History

About Solutions at Work

1984 - Establishing Solutions at Work

Over 30 years ago, Solutions at Work was founded to help low-income and homeless people become self-sufficient.

These motivations were guided by experience. Many of the board members were once homeless and knew the struggle first-hand. 


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Furniture Bank

Affordable Moving Service
“Moving Up”

Computers and Training
“Get Connected”

1980s - Making changes

Solutions at Work created multiple drives and organizations to address the needs of low-income and homeless people.

2010s - Success

Our programs made tremendous impact. So, we handed them to larger organizations to ensure their continued growth and success. 

  1. The furniture bank has been handed off to other agencies.
  2. “Moving Up” is now the independent business “Home on the Go”. (link)
  3. “Get Connected” is now a part of ADBAR, another Cambridge-based nonprofit. (link)

2021 - Green Street Shelter

In 2021, Solutions at Work opened the Green Street Shelter to house 50 people and provided them with a robust list of necessities:

  • 3 catered meals a day
  • Laundry and linen services
  • Computer and Internet access
  • Professional networking opportunities.

During the same time, Solutions at Work began serving 250 meals per week in Central Square. We served over 32,000 meals before the City ceased financial support. 

2020s - Onwards and Upwards

In April 2023, our partners at ACEDONE took over the shelter to ensure its livelihood. So, we turned our attention to 2 programs:

 The “Children’s Clothing Exchange” provides clothing, books, and other children’s items to those in need. 

The professional attire service “SolutionsWear” offers a low-cost way of getting multiple sets of interview ready clothing. This includes suits, dresses, belts, jewelry, and more.

sept 2023 gala, group photo