For Children and Families

With a restricted donation of $50.00 you will pay for children's clothing, toys and books for an entire family for a year.  This family also commits to recycling what they can through Solutions At Work (SAW).  In this way SAW is able to pass on their gently used books, clothing, seasonal wear, shoes and toys to the next family. If you are interested you can give this gift on behalf of a friend or loved one. Solutions at Work will respond with a gift card for that special friend.



For Adults who are Preparing for a New Job

A restricted donation of $25.00 pays for a week of job interview and first-week professional outfits.  The outfits often include belts, shoes and ties, scarves, jewelry and accessories.  The participant who receives this donation will also receive a personal dresser that will help them to choose the ensemble and look that is best for them.