1. Determine the dimensions of the ad size you have chosen (see below)
  2. If you already have a print add that you use, you may send that. If it needs any reformatting for accommodate the ad sizes available, (eg. if your copy is too large to be fit comfortably into the chosen size) please advise as to what may be left out.
  3. Please send your copy in PDF or jpg. If reformatting is required, PDF or MS WORD is preferred.
  4. If you do not have any sort of ad, I will be happy to put one together for you that will fit your chosen size. To be able to do this, we will need the following from you.

a. Business logo, or sample of letterhead or other ways to identify yourself or your business (send as attachment in Word if possible)

b. The information you would like to have in the ad: eg. address, phone, email, website, etc

c. Any special photos or graphics (send as PNG or JPG)

In all cases if you have any questions, please contact me directly and we will be happy to talk through your needs. You can send an email to Fall Gala or call me at 206-502-1354. We will send you a copy of your ad for approval/editing.

Deadline for advertising materials and payment: Sept. 1, 2023

Advertising specifications and prices

Full Page Back Cover 4.75” (width) x 7.75” (height) Color $3000

Full Page. 4.75” (width) x 7.75” (height) Color $1000

1/2 Page Ad 2.5”(width) x 7.75 (height)

or 2.5” (width) x 7.75 (height) B&W(+$50 for color) $500

1/4 Page Ad 2.5” (width) x 7.75 (height) B&W(+$50 for color) $250

Business Card 3.5” (width) x 2” (height) B&W(+$50 for color) $150

Thank you for your generous support of Solutions at Work which will be recognized in your advertisement in our Fall Gala program.

We are truly grateful for your acknowledgement of the value of the work we do

to improve the lives of homeless people in our community.