Pave The Way Campaign




Pave the Way

We call our campaign Pave the Way, because while our mission is to move people to self-sufficiency, our desire is to move people on to prosperity, not just survival. We envision a path that leads to success and hope you will join us in a joint venture of helping to Pave the Way for the impoverished of the Greater Boston area.

Our target is $150,000. To the right, you can see what different amounts pay for. But don’t be limited by those amounts: $5,000.00 is fine, or $5.00, or any amount that you can give to the best of your ability. But please: donate today.   


Why Now?

2013 was a great year for Solutions at Work. We received our first state grant, money to expand our facility to better serve our participants, and other unexpectedly generous grants and donations. This has meant better, more reliable services to our thousands of participants across our four programs  Thanks to all of you who gave so generously.

But 2014 is off to a rocky start.  A fire in the building where Solutions at Work is housed caused extensive smoke and water damage.  This ruined clothing ready for distribution and harmed the present work space.  It also means our expansion plans had to be delayed.

And our moving truck—the means by which hundreds of families get moved every year—had to be retired. This was unexpected and we are presently renting a truck for $2,000/month in order to continue our moving program. This eats into the money that allows us to move people at a low cost. 

One crisis would have set us back. The two together make it very hard to keep our services running properly. In order to build upon the successes of 2013 and continue to provide the services to the impoverished as we’ve done for over 25 years, we need your help. The Pave the Way campaign is how you can help.

We at Solutions at Work are doing our part to Pave the Way for a better future for the poor and homeless of the Greater Boston area. Say “not in my backyard” to Poverty in the Greater Boston area by helping us.

Please give today!